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Why You Should Join a Co-Working Trip.

Digital Nomad Travel Tips
A 15/30 days experience planned for remote workers that will have the possibility to make new memories with an international group of like-minded people. It's a full immersion into new personalities, cultures, languages, and skills. A  Co-Working trip it’s so intense as an experience that it changes some people's life. So if you are looking for a new exciting adventure, keep reading until the end.

The late possibility to work remotely led to a new kind of lifestyle creating the figure of the Digital Nomad. Since is not backpacking you still have a work-life balance during the day to maintain. That’s why you need to find yourself in an environment that offers you everything you need to keep performing in your job and spend time abroad, discovering new places, at the same time.

Coworking trips let maintain the work-life balance you need providing great accommodations and facilities so that you can carry out your job with maximum efficiency. The accommodation is usually big Villas always equipped with a great internet connection, quite personal space to work, and the ability to manage video calls (mainly with a great view to be honest), and the physical wellness is not forgotten, many villas include a pool, garden or terrace and a gym indeed!

In Coworking trips, a lot of attention is paid to the social life and free time activities offered to the tripmates, planning activities such as organized tours and day trips discovering the region. Everything is programmed trying to adapt to everyone’s schedule as much as possible with the aim of living the whole experience as a cohesive group. It is not mandatory, everyone is absolutely free to join or not the activities and to suggest them. There are absolutely no obligations nor commitments, it is basically a group of friends having a trip, because that is the main purpose, having a wonderful experience altogether.

One of the goals is to give people the opportunity to experience deep moments and to build up strong relationships even in a small time window, as a consequence of the journey. In fact, living in the same house with other people with a similar lifestyle and similar purposes and perspective on life. It is different to solo travelling and backpacking. It is a coliving experience more than a coliving space.

Since Coworking trips are really focused on offering a person-centred experience a lot of effort goes into selecting the right people to join a specific type of trip which means that the group building is the outcome of careful selection processes.

It is the perfect experience for Avventure seekers, for those who are looking to spend some great time and meet like-minded people like them, but still maintaining a sustainable work-life balance. There are different destinations in order to satisfy any kind of “travel palate”. Among our best options are the wonderful beaches of Crete (May), the Dolce Vita experience in Italy (June) and the vibrant trip to Malaga (Aprli). 

While on February we will immerse ourselves into the Moroccan culture living in a traditional Riad and sleeping for one night in the middle of the Sahara desert. 

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