If you want to make of TRAVELING your main/second job,
book today your discovery call.
If you want to make of TRAVELING your main/second job,
book today your discovery call.

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Start traveling the world with other digital nomads making up to 10.000€ per month cash collected in just 90 days at the TripLeader academy.

A personalized 90-day roadmap and hands-on guidance on the role of the Trip Leader, about the planning of a successful trip, how to find the right TripMates/Accommodations in less than 30 days, and how to get the cheapest flights, and much more.

A full-stacked offer with everything you need in order to become a successful TripLeader making up to 5000€ per month of net income.
Risk Free!
Become a successful TripLeaders planning amazing trips around the world with our community,
without risking your money.

Successful or all the money back!

Get free access to our platform to see how everything works.

We help travelers, digital nomads, remote workers, or any person with the big will of traveling to let become this hobby a remunerative high-paid job.

We are different from everyone else because we will show you all the tips and tricks that have helped us organize so many successful trips. With our tips and strategies, you will be able to fill a villa in less than 30 days.

We keep our mentorship program very simple, result-focused, and with a clear path that will help you to become a successful TripLeader in less than 90 days.

Who is this for
We helped many people to plan successful trips in the last year.

Remote workers and aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to level up their money game.

You owner of your time, or part-time worker, can change your lifestyle by living and working with other professionals from anywhere in the world.

For the Leaders of our era with a strong online community, with our program, you can sky rock your income.

Learn how to plan retreats, how fill your villas and grow your community through Organic Marketing.
Travel Addicted
If your dream is to TRAVEL and meet new people as a job... we'll teach you all the secrets!

In less than 90 days you won't stop traveling anymore.
TripLeader Academy is a 90-Day Mentorship Program exclusively with Nico and his team.

In this program, we break down your current situation and see in the shortest timeline how you can become a successful TripLeader making up to 5000€ per month of net income.

You get access to the TripLeader Program (Videos, documents, examples etc.), our team, systems & processes, a community of TripLeaders, events, 2 travel platforms to sell your trips, and much more.

Nico and his team provide hands-on mentorship to ensure you can get results with your TripLeader job.

We provide you with a paved, clear path and a roadmap specifically designed for you.

what do we do
We help people to start a second business while traveling & working around the world within 90 days
Work & Travel
from Anywhere
Teaching you a proven skill to generate a high income while working & traveling from anywhere in the world.

Can be your main/second job!

Online income

Quit your Home-Office, change your work and replace your static job with an online income that allows you to grow your worldwide network and become the owner of your time.

Flexible strategy

Creating a personal & flexible strategy that allows you to start living life on your own terms.

You choose where, when, and with who you want to travel!

Our Offer
In this mentorship program, starting from zero, we'll be...
  • Teaching you how to become a TripLeader

  • Access to our Strategies to book qualified meetings with potential TripMates

  • Building your community of digital nomads

  • Access to our Tips and Trick in order to plan a successful trip

  • Creating your first successful trip

  • Exclusive access to our 2 travel platforms with high traffic in order to easily find TripMates

  • Access to our Organic Strategy to fill your upcoming trips/retreats in less than 30 days
  • Access to our Strategies to promote your trips
  • Access to all the Videos and Materials without limitations

  • Access to our private FB groups

  • 24/7 Support from Nico’s dedicated support chat on Whatsapp,

  • Access To Our Private Facebook Group Messenger Chat

  • Weekly Access To Coaching Group Calls (Strategy, Sales, Automation)

  • Weekly private 1-to-1 coaching calls with Nico
Our Goal
Starting from 0 we’ll let you become a successful TripLeader by building your own community for then helping you to grow even after the end of the program by hosting your trips/retreats on our platforms.

You’ll stay with us until you will be able to go on your first trip!

apply now

How does the application process look like?

You apply for the free consultation call

In the first step, you have to go to my short application form.

By filling it out you are giving me some information about your current situation and yourself so I know how I can help you the best.

Book a call at the time and day you prefer

You'll book a call when it suits better for you, a 30 minutes Free Consultation Call.

Here we will create an individual step-by-step plan for your current situation.

Join the

"TripLeader Academy"

If together we feel that you are the right fit for this program we'll give you a warm welcome into our community.

You can choose to become a new TripLeader or to maximize your efficiency with your TripMates research in less than 90 days.

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