Co-Working in Napoli

Immerse in Napoli's culture with me (Nico) as your Local guide
on a 10-day co-working trip to Napoli, Ischia, and Amalfi.
Experience true Italian magic, food, and views!

APRIL 2024

Co-Working in ITALY with a Local: Let's explore Napoli, Ischia & the Amalfi Coast together!


APRIL 2024

Forget the clichéd tourist traps, the worn-out routes, and the uninspired 'must-sees'. Come join us on an authentic, vibrant, and unforgettable 10-day co-working trip through the heart of Italy's hidden gems: Napoli, Ischia, and the Amalfi Coast.

We've got a journey planned that not even the most seasoned travelers could uncover alone. Ready to experience the real Napoli? Buckle up, let's go!

The Journey Begins in Napoli

Our journey begins in the vibrant pockets of Napoli, where the true essence of the city lies - from traditional street food to the rhythmic pulse of local hangouts and the True Napolitan Night Life. I promise, - It will be VERY fun! And, to really spice things up, We'll take part of a pizza masterclass to learn how to make the perfect pizza at home - no more ordering from Domino's- PLS! Let's say goodbye to fast food pizza and hello to handcrafted, heart-warming, homemade Napoli-style pies.

Next Stop: Ischia

But hold on, the ride doesn’t stop there. Next, we sail to the paradisiacal island of Ischia - once crowned the best island in the world. We'll divide our days between productive co-working in a historic villa, plunging into natural thermal baths under a star-studded sky, and feasting on mouthwatering seafood. Talk about work-life balance!

Our Accommodation in Ischia: the Historical Villa

Picture this: After a day's work, you kick back at a historical countryside house perched on the Punta Imperatore promontory, taking in the panoramic views of Ischia's stunning landscapes!

This isn't just any house, it's a unique historical place packed with cool stuff. Like what, you ask? Well, there's a natural Turkish bath and a pool with a built-in jacuzzi, perfect for chilling after a long day of work. Now, isn't that what you call work-life balance? But wait, there's more! The house is surrounded by a giant garden full of old trees, fruit plants, and olive groves. And if you feel like having a lazy afternoon nap, just pick a hammock, lie down, and let the island breeze sing you a lullaby.

For our daily hustle, we have different spots to work in the morning and a spacious communal living area (the best connection) where we'll focus on our work each afternoon. Due to the villa's thick, old walls and expansive garden, the Wi-Fi might be a bit shy in certain corners. But don’t worry! We’ve made sure to install high-speed fiber in one of the main areas of the house. You’ll just pick your cozy corner, and you're good to go.

Oh, did I let slip about the food yet? Get ready to start your day with a hearty breakfast served in the garden, savoring traditional fare made with home-grown ingredients during our stay in Ischia.

The Grand Finale: The Amalfi Coast

As our Ischian idyll ends, we'll return to Napoli only to set sail again - this time for the iconic Amalfi Coast! Here's the deal: we either hop on a budget-friendly, private boat ride, sun-soaked and breezy, making a beeline for the pastel wonderland of Positano, OR we take a thrilling day trip to tackle the 'Path of the Gods'. This isn't for the faint-hearted, but trust me, the breathtaking vistas of the Amalfi Coast make every step worth it. So, what'll it be? Boat or boots? Either way, Positano awaits!

But remember: Napoli isn’t just a city, it's a way of life. So, prepare to immerse yourself in its rich culture, captivating art, intoxicating music, and gastronomic traditions that’ll tantalize your taste buds and not break the bank.

Your Invitation

I'm inviting 6-8 spirited, flexible, and jovial individuals to share this incredible journey. Not only will this be an opportunity to network and ignite fresh ideas, but it's also a chance to form lifelong friendships.

My Goal? To create an environment bursting with motivation, inspiration, and excitement for life and work.


Cià Uagliù! (hello guys), I'm Nico, born and bred in Napoli, and I’m thrilled to share the magic of my beloved city with you. Picture it: Non-stop adventure, co-working, and cultural immersion with an insider who knows Napoli like the back of his hand, promising you a glimpse into secrets only locals are privy to.

A quick snapshot of me: a sunny spirit, flexible in nature, and a lover of good music, sunsets, and - you guessed it - food. Over the past 3 years, I've curated over 20 co-working trips, connecting a vibrant network of about 200 remote workers. And, oh, the memories we've made - PRICELESS!

Remember, while I'm here to guide and foster a positive group dynamic, it's your responsibility to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the trip. Let's work together to craft an unforgettable and productive co-working experience. It's not just a trip or a co-living, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will fill your heart with unforgettable memories.

Are you as excited as we are? Then drop me a message, and let's get this conversation started over a quick video call.

Un bacio,


Remember... we'll choose together around a nice dinner during the first days which place we want to visit the most and when.
Let's start our adventure by exploring the dynamic streets of my hometown, Napoli. I'll take you to the heart of the city, where you'll get to sample some of the most delicious street food. At night, we’ll become true Neapolitans, diving into the local meeting areas, absorbing the city's vibrant energy. We'll then tuck into a meal at one of my favourite traditional restaurants, where the food is simply unforgettable, the atmosphere lively, and the prices friendly.