Workation in Santorini


Workation in Santorini: Villa Co-working & Traditional Greek Easter Celebration!

27 APR 24 → 07 MAY 24

Hey there, everybody!

On this 11-day workation, we will be accommodated in a beautiful and spacious house located in Vlychada Beach. We will be staying in a complex of small houses around a beautiful outer space with a living area and a big swimming pool.
The beach is a 3-minute walk and you can have a swim daily on the lunar landscape of the volcanic material.

The accommodation is super spacious, with fast and stable wifi, offering ideal conditions for professional remote workers and digital nomads to work properly and uninterrupted while being on a trip to one of the world's most wanted destinations!

✔ Except from our base where we will be able to work during the day, we will have the chance to
◽ tour around the island,
◽ enjoy the world-known sunset of Oia,
◽ observe the underwater environment through a glass-bottom boat tour to the core of the volcano,
◽ visit local wineries and try the wines,
◽ hike on an easy trail at the inner side of the caldera and
◽ visit the Pre-historic excavations of Thera.

But the most interesting experience will be the traditional fests of the Orthodox Easter.
During our stay (Sunday 5th May) is the Greek Easter – the biggest religious holiday of the country.
Amazing festive activities begin on Friday, with candles decorating all the alleys of the villages. Saturday are fireworks all over the island. The peak is on with the traditional Easter Lunch, the absolute food experience lasting all day (basically you eat till you drop!)

So, should we try all those new experiences together?
If interested, send me a message and we will schedule a video call to get to know each other and share more details!
Hello everyone, I am Kelly! I was born and raised in Athens - Greece. I work as a digital marketing expert but I am also a meditation instructor. I have traveled a lot since I can remember myself with my main focus on discovering ancient natural healing techniques and secrets from each culture.

I work seasonal (April – October) in the popular island of Santorini since 2016. I have been organizing cultural events and shows, highlighting the unique character of this inhabitable volcano!
I absolutely love this place and I know all the hidden gems and the alternative, non-touristic things for a visitor to enjoy.

I decided to host this amazing co-working trip to Santorini for all of those who not only want to discover the island, but want to get deeper insight to the local tradition, try the Mediterranean cuisine, have a taste of locally produced wines and spend ten days to this “have to visit” destination.
I have a nice itinerary in mind, that we can all choose what we do and which day!

Seperate houses around the swimming pool!
Houses have one or two bedrooms, private bathroom and kitchen.
We share the bedrooms (two people share a "one-bedroom house" - 4 people share a "two-bedroom house"), but of course you can choose to book the entire room just for you at an extra cost. You can work either inside your apartment or to the beautiful central yard and pool area.

Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!
I am Kelly, born in Athens, Greece. Digital Marketing Expert, Artist & Meditation Instructor, Herb & Crystal specialist.
Day 1: Saturday. (transfer included). Check in the spacius accommodation at 14:00. No need to worry about pic up services, since everybody will be picked up from the airport or the port.
(you can arrive to the island either by plane or Ferry boat- don’t hesitate to contact me for more info) After we all settle in, we go for dinner to a beautiful small fish tavern in the area. A fisherman has this very small place where his mother cooks the daily catch!