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5 Must-Do Things in Paphos

If you are an experienced Traveler you have probably already been to Cyprus or had thoughts about visiting. This intriguing island is not a very popular destination but it actually has a lot to offer. Here are 5 things you absolutely have to do if you find yourself in the area of Paphos:

  • Enjoy the sun on a beach worthy of a Goddess:

The Birthplace of Aphrodite is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, what amazes people is that in the middle of the sea stands an enormous Rock near which, according to the local legend, the Goddess of Love, appeared out of the foam of the sea, floating on a scallop shell. The beach extends as far as the eye can see and you can catch sight of dramatic white cliffs in the distance; Closer to the shore, large rocks jut out from the water building up a stunning landscape. The beach is about a 25 minutes drive from the harbor of Pafos and is close to the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which is part of the World Heritage site.

  • Hiking Avaka’s Gorge: 

Avakas gorge is the go-to spot if you want to spend a fantastic day exploring the natural beauties that this sunny island has to offer, you will be stunned once immersed in the Labyrinth designed by the rock walls. The Hike is perfect for both non- and experienced hikers, it is actually 2 km long and there are no major climbs. The only difficulty I would say is crossing a shallow stream.

The rocks might be slippery at some point but the level of difficulty depends on the season. clearly in the winter is going to get harder because of the rain hitting the island so if you are not an experienced hiker is recommended to visit during the summer.

  • Visit Paphos’ Castle and Archeological Site

Paphos’ Castle is the main historical site visited in the area beside the Tombs of the Kings. The 13th-century original fort was torn down by the Venetians and rebuilt in 1592. The main feature of the Castle is its big square tower that has an enclosed courtyard in the middle also, make sure you don’t miss the view from the top of the ramparts.

  • Eat Traditional μεζές (Meze).

Especially in the Harbour area and in the old Town of Paphos there are plenty of traditional Taverns that offer the best Cypriot specialties, from tasty vegetables to local and fresh seafood and meats. Meze is a meal concept similar to Spanish Tapas in terms of Structure: it is basically a variety of the best food options you can have during a specific season or even on that particular day depending on what kind of goodies is available. The dishes are served following a specific logic, they’re not served in a random sequence like following the cooking time of each course.

Usually, you can choose between fish or meat Meze but you will have plenty of vegetarian options able to satisfy any palate. The Meal consists usually of dozen different dishes including fried halloumi cheese and goat, spicy Sausages, and Sheftalia with pita bread on the side plus a good bottle of Cypriot wine.

  • Stroll around bars

Even though the club scene in Paphos is not very vivid, you can spend an outstanding night in Paphos. In fact, down by the Harbour, you’ll find several bars flashing out every kind of vibe, each bar offers a different vibe. I personally recommend hopping from one bar to another in a sort of bar Tour, experiencing the multifaceted nightlife of this vibrant location. The area you should head to is Kato Paphos where you’ll walk down the "bar Street", I advise you to stop at the Flinstones Bar for fantastic cocktails, where laughs are guaranteed.

Anyway, the mood in Paphos is not as hectic as the clubbing scene in Agya Napa, but still absolutely exuberant!

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