Co-Working in Crete

Two weeks in a luxury villa with a group of international like-minded people.
Home Office in CRETE: 2 pools, gym, cinema room, BBQ, and much more!
Schedule a quick video call with Nico. He will share all the details regarding the experience and clarify your doubts.
4 bedrooms
2 pools
Hello guys! I'm super excited to live a new experience back in Greece with a new group of international, like-minded people.

*** We are already a mixed group of 7 Remote Workers

Until today, I have been planning 20 Co-Working trips around creating wonderful memories with amazing people, especially in Crete, where we have already been twice, once in the same villa last May, and it has been a blast!

Creta is a destination that never fails to impress with its mesmerizing beauty. The island is filled with natural wonders that are truly breathtaking, much like its weather and sea. From its stunning beaches to its rich history and culture, Crete promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more. However, one of the highlights of our trip to Crete, aside from the wonderful locals, has got to be the luxury VILLA with a stunning mountain view, a private gym, and much more.

I’m Nico a sunny, cheerful, and flexible person. I love relaxing, enjoying moments with friends, listening to good music while admiring the sunset, and... as a good Italian, I love eating & cooking. But most importantly, I love seeing people smile!

In May, I want to catch the sun and the crystal clear water, which is why I want to move my home office to Crete in an amazing villa with all the facilities we could ask for and enjoy the opportunity to visit an amazing historic island without being surrounded by tourists as in the high seasons.

We will be productive during the day, working in one of the many scenic spots of the villa or enjoying leisurely activities like watching the sunset from the pool while sipping on a refreshing "Copa de Cava" and then having a barbecue with an incredible mountain view. Start our mornings with a workout in your private gym, and then explore amazing cities by car after work. Return to the villa and engage with super interesting people through workshops, conversations, or simply dancing under the starry sky of Crete!

I aim to create an environment where you wake up with that feeling of extreme motivation and excitement for life and work. An environment that helps to create life-changing experiences, having conversations that inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and creating lifelong friendships.

You don’t need to actually take time off since we will have plenty of time for co-working. And everything is arranged, so you can just enjoy the experience. ✌

We are looking for 6 to 8 people, who are okay with sharing a bedroom and are ready to join us on this new experience. We are looking for like-minded, flexible, and sunny people to enjoy this trip as much as possible together. We’ll try to use this experience to be more productive during working hours and to create new contacts with different digital nomads, contacts that probably can give life to new projects or ideas (or both) in the future, as well as great friendships.

The trip costs include a wine-tasting experience*, a carefully planned trip and tripmates, and a luxury villa with excellent WI-FI throughout. The villa is composed of:

  • 4 BATHROOMS (some with jacuzzi)
  • BBQ

Additional costs such as shopping, gas, excursions, etc. are shared fairly via Splitwise. As always regarding the stops, we’ll choose together where to go and when, mine is just advice. ✌

If you have problems with booking flights ✈️, text me and I would be glad to help you.

Last but not least: as your trip leader, I'm here to facilitate the trip and create a positive group dynamic. Please note that while I can offer guidance and support, I'm not a tour operator or guide. It's up to you to take responsibility for your own safety and enjoyment of the trip. Let's work together to make this a memorable and productive co-working experience.

So do you want to enjoy us on this new experience?! Send me a message, or you can directly schedule a quick video call by clicking "Apply Now".

Un bacio,

*When the group is full.

Remember... we'll choose together around a nice dinner during the first days which place we want to visit the most and when.
Our luxury villa is decorated with elegant taste and consists of three buildings covering a total of 270 m2 making it ideal for a big group of friends. It is designed to provide complete privacy and can comfortably accommodate ten people in its four bedrooms and playroom. It is located on the hilltop in Armeni village with mountain and sea views.

Kathleen 🇩🇪
Home Office in Crete 💻 - October 2022
Best TripLeader ever! If you are interested joining an awesome experience you have to book a trip with Nico! 🤩 He carefully selected the group, makes sure that everyone is included and took care of activities every single day 😍 Thank you so much, Nico 🙏 Your dedication was so much appreciated 🫶 I will definitely join one of your next trips soon! 💯% recommended!!
Alex 🇩🇪
Home Office in Crete 💻 - October 2022
Nico is a super kind and warmhearted tripleader who looks out for the hole group. He makes sure everything works and takes care of any issues regarding the house. Be also sure he will research the area for good trips and restaurants!
Behrouz 🇮🇷
HomeOffice in CRETE 🇬🇷 ☀️ - May 2022
Already my 2nd trip with Nico and hopefully not the last one as I enjoyed my trip to Crete very much :) He is vet caring and considerate and tries to accommodate all the trip members' wishes as much as possible. He is also very good to bring everyone together and plan things. As I said, I'd travel again and again with him and would highly recommend you to do so!