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Escape to Crete


Escape to Crete: 2-Week Co-Working Retreat in Rethymnon for Remote Workers

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In May we want to catch the warm sun and crystal clear water.

That's why we wanted to move our Nomad-Office to Crete in an amazing villa with all the facilities we could ask for. We would like to enjoy the opportunity to visit an amazing historic island without being surrounded by the tourists of the high season.We have been there already before and it was a truly wonderful experience. We became experts in finding all the best spots in Crete, such as restaurants, historic landmarks and hidden gems, also where to find the best Gyros in town!

About Me!
I'm a digital nomad from Bucharest, Romania, who found his peace of mind on the beautiful island of Crete, together with my girlfriend Niki. We are an adventurous couple who likes to spend quality time with friends, listening to music, sharing stories and having fun. We commit to unique travel creations for open-minded explorers all over the world. Begin this unique journey with us!

The villa is located within an area of exceptional natural beauty, near the historical monastery of Arkadi, approximately 1500m north of the traditional village of Amnatos.The configuration of the ground allowed the construction of a villa (200 sq.m.) in three separate buildings and on two ground levels. In the three buildings you will find five (5) comfortable bedrooms and four (4) en suite bathrooms. The three bedrooms are furnished with double beds and the remaining two with single beds. One of the bedrooms is furnished with a bathroom specially designed for people with disabilities.

The common area is spacious featuring a fireplace, dining table which sits 10 people, a desk with a PC, a WC and a kitchen. The wooden ceiling enhances the warmth and comfort of the area. In the court there is a barbeque installation, wood-fired oven and a dining table where the guests can enjoy their meals and the view of Mt. Psiloritis. The generous (3.20m x 8m) pool is on the second ground level, just in front of the bedrooms. Also, the villa offers a covered parking space for two vehicles. The court and the spacious veranda offer the opportunity for relaxation and magnificent vistas of the verdant ravine adjacent to the villa, the neighbouring mountains and the sea.

Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!
What's special?
Special A cozy villa surrounded by nature.
Special Seaview from the veranda.
Special A quiet natural environment for working.
The Arkadi monastery is about 5 km south of the Liostasi villa. The route takes you through a verdant little gorge which is a feast for the eyes. When you get to the monastery, you can “explore” the interior spaces. You will find a chapel, a small museum, and a historical gunpowder room. The inner court of the monastery is more of a well-tended garden with beautiful flowers. Outside the monastery, there is a cafeteria that overlooks the vineyards property of the monastery and the pine woodland. The vistas are wonderful.