Co-Working in Cyprus
Live & Work with a group of international remote workers in a stunning villa for two weeks.


Co-Working in Cyprus: Networking, Fun & a Seafront Villa ☀️: Infinity Pool, BBQ, direct sea-view and much more!


02/10/2024 .- 30/10/2024
670 - 1200€
  • Welcome & Closing Dinner
  • Cleanings
  • Shared Bedroom with en-suite Bathroom
  • TripMates Match
  • Local Guide
  • Transport from/to Paphos Airport
  • Community Access
5 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
Infinity Pool
Hello guys!

Till today, I have been planning 25+ co-working trips around Europe, creating wonderful memories with amazing people, especially the one in Cyprus last November, which has been a wonderful experience.

Cyprus is an island full of surprises; the natural spots here are stunning, such as the weather. But the best part of this trip, next to the people, is going to be the VILLA. From there, sunsets are magic, and golden hours are going to be memorable with an infinity pool and a stunning direct sea view that makes everything more romantic and enjoyable.

In March, I want to catch the sun, the warmth, and the crystal-clear water. That's why I want to move my home office to Cyprus to an amazing villa with all the facilities we could ask for and enjoy the opportunity to meet new and interesting people coming from everywhere.

We will be productive during the day, working in one of the many working spots free of the villa, while we'll try to enjoy to the fullest all the rest of the day watching the sunset from the pool with "una Copa de cava" or having delicious BBQ on the terrace. We will visit the island after work, then come back home and have fun with interactive workshops and activities to connect on a deeper level.

I aim to create an environment where you wake up with that feeling of extreme motivation and excitement for life and work. An environment that helps to create life-changing experiences, having conversations that inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and creating lifelong friendships.

You don’t need to actually take time off since we will have plenty of time for co-working. And everything is arranged, so you can just enjoy the experience. ✌

Picture this: working by the day in our spacious villa, working spots with sea views, then going to the garden and staring at the sunset over the Mediterranean, all of it with the sound of the waves and the breeze of fresh air. Sounds like a dream? Well, dreams do come true sometimes, and they’re even better in March, with Cyprus' warm weather and fewer crowds.

We are looking for 6 to 9 people who are okay with sharing a bedroom and are ready to join us on this memorable experience. We are looking for like-minded, flexible, and sunny people to enjoy this trip as much as possible together. We’ll try to use this experience to be more productive during working hours and to create new contacts with different digital nomads, contacts that can probably give life to new projects or ideas in the future, and great friendships.

The trip costs include an amazing villa with great WI-FI in the house, which has 5 bedrooms, all with an en suite bathroom, and comfortably sleeps 10 people. One of the double bedrooms is on two levels, similar to a one-bedroom loft apartment with a Jacuzzi room and shower with spectacular sea views even while in the bath. Eventually, if still available, you can get a private room for a slight price increase. I put a lot of effort into matching tripmates to build up a group that can help the success of the experience itself, plus a series of activities and workshops planned for personal and professional growth as well as for visiting the best spots of this fascinating island. A welcome dinner will open this experience, and when the group is complete, a rental car will also be included in the price.

The villa will definitely make a difference on this trip. Large outdoor areas with the pleasant sound of the waves will make our days more relaxing. The barbecue area is fully furnished for outdoor living, with a large dining table and a comfortable sofa set. Below the overflow of the infinity pool, several large and comfortable sun beds complete the picture. The villa has a very large infinity pool and a large landscaped garden on two levels that overlooks the beach and the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. That's the magic spot in the villa!

Additional costs such as shopping, gas, excursions, etc. are shared fairly via Splitwise. As always, regarding the stops, we’ll choose together where to go and once we are all together at the villa, mine are suggestions.

If you have problems booking flights, text me, and I will be glad to help you.

So, do you want to enjoy this 2-week coworking experience with us? We can schedule a quick video call to get to know each other a little ahead of time and share more details about the group, experience, and price. I constantly put a lot of effort into matching the right people in one co-working group to enjoy our time together to the fullest.


Remember... during the first few days, we'll decide together over a nice dinner where we want to go and when.
This amazing villa is located between Paphos and Coral-Bay, in a private area just in front of a beach. The location is perfect for nice walks along the coast or morning swims in the sea with a 24H mini-market just behind the villa.