The Best Ways to Spend a Day Trip in Cyprus

If you are planning to visit the eccentric Mediterranean island situated south of the Anatolian Peninsula you should definitely check out these spots, and if you’re not planning a trip to Cyprus you should at least start thinking about it.

One of the most renowned areas of the island is Ayia Napa, it is located at the far eastern end of the southern coast and is the best site for those who want to spend a relaxing day on the beach but also to have an animated night. During the daytime exploring the natural beauty of the sea Caves in Ayia Napa is a must-do thing. The sunshine laying down the white cliffs shapes a breathtaking landscape that will remain impressed in your mind because of its singularity.

When the sun goes down Ayia Napa changes appearance turning into a fervid nightlife location.

The area is actually the go-to spot for party scene lovers on the whole island. Several clubs and bars turn up the atmosphere all giving you the best options to spend a memorable night out.
The area is actually the go-to spot for party scene lovers on the whole island. Several clubs and bars turn up the atmosphere all giving you the best options to spend a memorable night out.
Another very recommended activity on the island is experiencing two different worlds in a single town. I’m talking about visiting the city of Nicosia which is the busiest crossing border between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In fact, the island is divided into these two countries: the southern part has clearly been influenced by the West, especially by the greek culture, obviously for historical reasons while on the northern side, you can clearly see the Turkish cultural traits. The buffer zone between the two areas is out of the ordinary and distinctive.
Walking down the streets on the southern side you can see the disposition to integrate to the West but the Turkish side instead maintains a more eastern taste thanks to the preserved architecture which you can admire right next to the Ledra street checkpoint, in the Bazar.
Second for population size in the country but not for charm is the city of Larnaca, another attractive destination you can not miss if you find yourself in Cyprus. From the Saint Lazarus Church to the Hala Sultan Tekkesi mosque, the city of Larnaca is full of landmarks that also show the dualism of this unique island.
If you push yourself to the inner part of the island you’ll stumble across wonderful small villages up the hills. You should head to the small town of Troodos at the bottom of mount Olympus and close to the Paphos Forest
It is also worth a stop at the very bottom of mount Olympus to visit the Trooditissa Monastery, whose early settlement dates back to the 10th century while the current building was built in the early 18th century.

If you are a trekking and hiking lover and you have still time and energy, you can perhaps enjoy one of the different trails around the mountain. I personally recommend the Atalanti Nature Trail, one of the highest hikes on the island, and it’s also quite long. The whole trail is 14 km long which is quite a reasonable distance although there are no hard obstacles to overcome since there are no dangerous sections. During the walk, you’ll be amazed by the landscapes that will be offered to the eye.
As you have read so far, this island has a lot to offer, for any sort of need or will. Cyprus is a place that fits everyone and that is because of its multifaceted personality which is related to its thousands of years old history and all the different cultures that left a footstep on this island influencing every single element of this intriguing place, turning it into a destination able to welcome any traveler soul that passes by.

Copywriter, Digital Nomad