Productivity Coworking in Crete

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Productivity Coworking in Crete Workshops, Networking, BBQ, Pool, Sunset Beach, Amazing Food & More!

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Holaa :) Are you looking to extend this summer in a paradisiacal place?

What if you can do it while increasing your productivity and elevating the quality of your current network?

What is a productivity coworking about?
Did you know that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with? People we surround ourselves with, greatly influence our thoughts, and behaviors, and ultimately shape who we become. In this business trip, you will meet entrepreneurs and digital workers who are all in for self-development and success. You will get inspired by them and learn techniques to finally stop procrastinating, get a promotion, start your own business, or take your current one to the next level.

We will do daily workshops to learn techniques that can help us to change habits, create the correct mindset, and take action. You will set your main goals, deep work during the day on your project, and make sure that your boat not only floats but also moves forward.

By the end of this trip, you will have a clear path of activities you need to perform to achieve your dreams and become your best version. I invite you here to grow personally and professionally while discovering the enchants of Crete!

Who am I?
Hola! My name is Cecilia, I am an open-minded, super-friendly Argentinian who loves to travel and meet new people and cultures. I left my home country seeking adventure and new experiences. I believe life happens only once and we need to live it to the fullest every day. I spent most of my life saying that tomorrow I will do things I was not doing by fear, by self-sabotage, and mainly because I didn’t have the tools to change. Now I want to fulfill my dream of traveling and meeting new interesting people/cultures, but also to be able to contribute to their lives and to make positive changes in them.

Why Crete?
If you have been anywhere in Greece you know that the food, the people, and the beautiful beaches around are priceless and a unique experience you want to go over and over again!!! On my last trip there I had an amazing time, enjoying to the fullest not only the weather and beautiful sunsets but also the friendly vibes of Greek people and the amazing food they prepare.

I searched a lot to find the perfect place to make this trip and I found it!

Crete is the largest island of Greece, known as the birthplace of Western civilization; with ancient ruins, lots of history, and breathtaking beaches.

Who should join this trip?
Join us if you are looking to connect with people who seek self-improvement, elevate the standards of your connections, and learn from them. Also if you are willing to share your experiences and to create relations that can lead to business partnerships, new opportunities, or lifelong friendships.

If you are an open-minded and flexible person, ready to grow, and learn, but also to help others in their journey. Life is about sharing, and we fulfill ourselves when we can positively influence other's lives. Finally, join us if you are a travel addict or if summer is never enough for you and you would like to feel the sun even in late September, getting the beach vibes, the sunset, and the amazing food only Greeks know how to prepare.

Productivity workshops:
In my life, I’ve overcome numerous obstacles, such as lack of motivation, undefined goals, fear of failure, delays in decision-making, and many more. However, these challenges have only increased my determination to overcome them and help others do the same.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change:I left my home country, Argentina, to pursue a better life and to live new experiences. I had to shut down my deeper fears and take action to get there. Moving out of your comfort zone is the first step toward growth.

Career Advancement: how to do more in less time? In my company, when many struggled to keep up with their workload, I developed several process improvements and even completed a green belt project while getting my daily work done efficiently. Not only that but I was promoted 3 times in 3 years. You can do the same if you follow the Pareto Principle and focus on 20% of the tasks that give you 80% of the results. The Eisenhower Matrix: when you manage to do the important (not always the urgent), you will find yourself getting more done with less effort.

Self-Education: I have invested years in reading books and attending courses on productivity. These resources have equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques that I am eager to share with you. That is why I planned 5 workshops that will help you tackle procrastination, set clear goals, and build the right mindset for success:

Workshop 1: Proper Goal and Fear Setting.
Workshop 2: Power of Habits and the Compound Effect.
Workshop 3: Secret to Success: Mentality + Consistency + Focus.
Workshop 4: How to Move Faster and Efficiently to Success.
Workshop 5: The Procrastination Killer.

In each of them, we will have a blend of theory and practice to enhance understanding and move from the knowledge to the action.

An entire Villa for ourselves, with a private pool and BBQ, surrounded by stunning views. The Villa is a 120m2 house with an exterior area of 500m2. Located only 1km from Perama city and 6 minutes away by car from the most idyllic beaches (Agios Nikolaos, Geropotamos, Panormos). You will be sharing bedrooms with double and single beds (also possible to upgrade to a private one, upon agreement).

Check the pictures above!

We will rent a car, that -if we get fully booked- will be included in the final price.
Additional costs such as shopping, gas, excursions, etc. will be shared fairly via Splitwise.

We have limited spots for this experience, from 6 to 8 people only.
Come with us and be part of a unique experience to connect with others while discovering the enchants of this beautiful Island!

Exploring Crete:
After our super productive days, it is time for relaxation and exploration!
I will suggest activities and places to visit but we will decide collectively what to do and where to go after. The main point is to enjoy, so we won’t be rushed to meet any schedule or calendar. We can take a trip to the nearest cities, lie down on the beach watching the sunset, or just turn on the BBQ and enjoy a nice dinner with amazing stories and laughs.

Summary: Work, Beach, Sleep, Repeat

Ready to Join? Reach out to me to get more information/details!


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Open-minded, super-friendly Argentinian who loves to travel and to meet new people and cultures! >>> Happiness is only real when shared
We will enjoy a stunning villa in central Crete! With a private pool, BBQ, and breathtaking views. It is perfectly located for exploring the entire island. The Villa is a 120m2 house with an exterior area of 500m2. Located only 6 minutes away by car from the most idyllic beaches: Agios Nikolaos, Geropotamos, and Panormos.

María Cecilia Nieva