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Every Experience is beautiful, especially when shared.

Living to work or working while loving your life?!

Unique co-working experiences 🌍
Life is about balance. So if we gotta work, why not also enjoy great places, culture and food, wine in the sun, hiking, yoga, boat tours, BBQ’s and swimming too?
Master the ideal balance of enjoyment & productivity
Empowerment & Elevation

My trips focus not only on empowerment, evolving, emotional health and getting out of your comfort zone and doing new things while enjoying things you love. Discover yourself through experience.

Master the art of Living Deliberately.

Memories of a Lifetime

Whether you’re a seasoned travel or someone who just wants to get away and explore the world, you can create unforgettable memories with others.
Embark on an adventure with connection and community!

About Me
My name is Andrea, and I’m an expat nomad from the US. Travel has always been a part of my life and connecting with people and culture has been a huge part of who I am. After taking a leap of crazy faith and leaving Minnesota at 20 years old to move to Mexico to study Spanish, I couldn’t stop.
I did volunteer work in London. Started university and I went to study in Buenos Aires and then Italian in Rome. After getting my BA in Journalism, I backpacked alone through South America for around 6 months then moved to Zhejiang, China. I ended up moving to Beijing after attending 2007 Midi Music Festival after being swept away in the eclectic and changing vibe in China’s capital.
I stayed in Beijing during the Olympics and was fortunate enough to travel all over China. After the Global Financial Crash in 2008 it didn’t make sense to leave, so I worked at the Chinese radio and as a journalist and editor until I moved to Munich, Germany for my master’s in 2012. Being based in Munich most of the time allows me to explore everywhere in Europe and my new favorite areas in Europe are definitely the Balkan countries. I can speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Chinese with varying degrees of fluency and still keep working to learn and maintain them.

Today, I’m a world-traveling transformational life coach and EFT tapping practitioner focused on helping people get out of their comfort zones to thrive while managing the fear and anxiety that can come with it. How did i get here? I have a super active lifestyle, love cooking, swimming and hiking, photography, and I’m always planning my next trip. I have stories galore.

Why Travel with Me?

I’m an experienced traveler both alone and with other people. Plus, I’ve had every type of experience imaginable; from taking a tango class and eating steak in Buenos Aires, to jetting off to the beaches of Zanzibar alone to fulfill my bucket list dream. Or working for the radio in China, bussing around the spectacular beaches in Albania, doing volunteer work in the UK, taking art classes in Mexico, hosting expat meetups and taking people on hiking excursions through the Bavarian Alps while working as a coach and EFT practitioner online in Germany.

I’m based in Munich during the warmer months of the year and am one of the admins of the Munich Expat Facebook group as well as the Munich Indie Rock Music Meetup planning events and get-togethers.

In the last few years, hiking excursions and outdoor group activities in Munich Hiking Buddies Facebook Groups have also become a massive part of my life as Bavaria offers some of the most spectacular mountain scenery I have the privilege to access regularly. I love motivating people to get out of their own way and show them new experiences in life and group activities.

As a coach, I try to integrate personal empowerment and elevation into my activities to get you out of your comfort zone while creating a supportive environment for growth and adventure. When you travel with me, it’s a whole experience of fun and adventure, culture, work, connection, and personal growth.

When picking an accommodation, I look for terrasse, pool, and BBQ, and plenty of space for both working and being productive as well as relaxing.

I love creating an open environment where everyone feels included and encouraged to be authentically themselves. We create friends for life!

Diverse Experience

I believe in balance! So I include food, wine tasting, or cooking class options, and fun outdoor activities. Plus, you get plenty of ways to get more empowerment and development in your life with EFT Tapping as well workshops to manage negative self talk, imposter syndrome, and boost confidence and self love.

We have to work to live but not live to work. But working smarter not harder has always been my motto and you need an environment that supports efficiency and productivity.
Feel free to contact me!
Andrea Hunt