Van Krati
with Co-Working with Nico

A Climate revolution using technology and Community

Van Krati
with Co-Working with Nico

A Climate revolution using technology and Community

Join Us in the Revolution of Re-Greening India

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Van Kranti, a revolutionary non-profit organization committed to fighting climate change and transforming communities through reforestation and sustainable practices.
Founded by our very own friend and tripmate Nilesh Vasave, who grew from humble beginnings in India to make a difference from London, Van Kranti is not just a movement, but a sustainable solution for our future.

At Coworking with Nico, we believe in doing our part for the planet. That's why we’ve decided to take a bold step: for every booking we receive, we'll plant three trees in India, where the need for reforestation is critical.

a climate change-centric reforestation/afforestation project started in a little indigenous village in India called Haripur by Nilesh Vasave with the aim of spreading the climate revolution across the country, specifically in Adivasi areas, which are indigenous people of India who mainly live in and around forests and are the first line of defense against deforestation and climate change.

A Revolution is Growing

Van Kranti, meaning 'Forest Revolution', leverages direct action, innovative technology, and the influential power of social media to highlight the urgency of climate change and the impact of deforestation.
But they don’t stop there. Van Kranti also aims to influence governments, businesses, and communities to adopt pro-climate policies and actions. It’s more than just a climate revolution; it’s about creating sustainable futures.

Community Empowerment & Sustainability

Van Kranti is dedicated to helping communities establish sustainable businesses, learn new skills, and discover alternative income sources - all revolving around planting trees, preserving forests, and promoting reforestation.
Nilesh has recently partnered with LGT Vyara, opening doors to an array of exciting environmental projects. The pipeline is bustling with plans for seed ball making, forest-based product creation, eco-tourism, drone operation, and much more, all intended to bolster Van Kranti's mission.

Tech-Driven Solutions

From drone-based seed bomb delivery systems to the establishment of a drone workshop in Vyara, Van Kranti is championing practical, low-cost climate solutions through technology and innovation.
The organization has already successfully executed drone-based reforestation in Haripur and Bhit Khurd villages of Tapi district, Gujarat, India, with the assistance of Z Axis unmanned machines Pvt. Ltd.

World Environment Day & Beyond

Van Kranti's commitment is year-round, but they went above and beyond for World Environment Day. In collaboration with LGT Vyara, they hosted a series of events ranging from photography exhibitions showcasing local wildlife, seed ball making and distribution, local species awareness projects, drone project discussions, and much more.

Together, Let’s Make a Difference

Every booking with Coworking with Nico isn’t just a booking; it’s an action against climate change. Your action.

Join us on this journey to greener, healthier futures. We are not just planting trees; we are sowing seeds of hope, creating new opportunities, and making a real difference in the world, one booking at a time.

Check out more about this amazing organization at Van Kranti.

Book your co-working space today and become a part of this revolution. Together, let's create a greener tomorrow.

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