Allow yourself to feel good inside and out as we travel the world together!
The beauty that you see outside is a reflection of the beauty that is within.
Work Anywhere
Do you work from home? Take remote work anywhere in the world and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer.
Better Together

Plan trips together so we find the best deals on accommodations, make new friendships and share guidance to have the most enjoyable experience.

Health & Wellness Retreat
Enjoy the convenience of being guided by a health and fitness coach with plenty of opportunities for exercise, meditation, and healthy meals.
Who's Christine?
Certified Yogi, Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Meditation Teacher
Hello! My name is Christine Jones and I have been working in fitness and mindfulness for over ten years.

My education includes: Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, ACE Personal Training Certification, Precision Nutrition Certification, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified Meditation Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist.

As a runner, yogi, and dancer interested in multiple facets of health, I have also experienced what it is like to be out of balance with my own health especially due to overworking. Ironically, as a work-from-home fitness coach, I used to sit in front of a computer all day up to seven days a week with little balance or time for myself.
I found that at times the work-from-home lifestyle made it hard to keep time and space for friends, family and spending time with my fiance.

I have since created healthy boundaries with work and more time for friendships and exploring the beautiful mountains of my New Mexican desert home.

This somehow has led me to connect with Nico and begin to plan trips with the coworking trip community.
I am always on the quest for more knowledge and deeper meaning in life. I realize that you only live once. And so I am deeply grateful to be offering trips to travel the world and to nurture your most vibrant health and fullest potential. It is my goal to benefit your body and mind through positive habits and energy exchanges.

On my coworking trips, I share information and environments to support healthy living, a sense of community, and a sense of wonder. I love seeing the beauty of all people and how we each have our own personal magic. I am so excited to explore the novelty of the world with you.
Why Travel with Me?
Find the best deal on gorgeous villas with a convenient location and outstanding amenities. Enjoy fast and secure Wifi connection for work, large shared rooms, terrace seating, and access to both cities and nature all around the world.
Nutritional Meals
I will plan for the group to have easy access to nutritious meals.

We will support each other as a group to nourish our bodies and at the same try delicious food.

Weekly Yoga & Fitness Classes
We will incorporate daily opportunities to exercise and move our bodies.

As a trained fitness coach and yogi, I will also be leading the group in private fitness and yoga sessions each week.
Safe & Supportive Environment
As a mindfulness coach, I pride myself on creating environments where people can feel both inspired and supported.

I take time to get to know everyone participating in the group trip before we book flights.
Contact me to learn more!
Christine Jones