Clive & Aura
Pack your laptop, dreams, and desire for adventure!
Life is all about building good memories… what better way than to do it in the right crowd?
Work & Travel from Anywhere
Let’s face it. If we’re blessed to be able to work from anywhere, why not do it somewhere nice and exciting, with some cool like-minded people?
Balance between work and play

We’ve all got to work, but we can enjoy nice evenings together cooking, eating, having a sunset swim, telling stories, and organizing some good activities together as a group.

Getting the right vibe
We make sure that we get to know each tripmate in advance, and then organize a group call with everyone to make sure that we’ve assembled the right tribe to give us the right vibe!
A little bit about us!

Hello, we're Aura and Clive, partners in life, avid travelers and adventurers, always looking to explore more of the world, creating memories, and meeting interesting people along the way!

We met in Malta during the pandemic and on our first date, Clive said that he wanted to be with someone he could travel the world with. We worked out a plan so that we could both work online and we moved to Cyprus with the intention of only using it as a tax-base. However, we fell in love with this country and decided to spend much more time than we expected to, because there’s so much to explore!
Aura (Vegan Chef and Entrepreneur): I’m from Romania, and originally studied foreign languages before my path led me to discover my true passion for baking. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I built my own business and became renowned for my expertise in crafting exquisite vegan desserts at one of Malta’s most popular resorts.

My other passions are nature, travel, and photography. I now carry my work on my phone and my laptop, and love the freedom of it. Of course, I still enjoy cooking, and am always curious to discover new cuisines! When traveling, I always want to have a look at local markets, restaurants, and pretty locations so I can take lots of photos (with Clive sighing impatiently most of the time!). I absolutely love socializing and am always happy to have a full table of people enjoying food together whilst trading stories.
Clive (Forex trader and Online Business developer): I’m from Malta, but left the country at the age of 19 because I felt like I couldn’t really spread my wings there. Since then, I’ve lived in 7 different countries and have traveled to 40 others. I’ve had a pretty wild trajectory in life… I used to play rugby, I played in a metal band, I worked as an English teacher in a number of countries, and then went on to work as a diplomat for my government.

I later set up my own company where I coached ambassadors, politicians, and diplomats in public speaking and communication skills. Whilst I loved what I did, I felt trapped because I barely had any time off. So I decided to transition to online ways of making money because I wanted to be able to work from anywhere with a wifi connection, allowing me to travel more! I can speak 5 languages, play the piano, and I have a passion for music, festivals, and Aura’s incredible cooking! To me, life is about learning new things, and sharing what I know with others.

Why Travel with us?
We aim to give our fellow travel mates an incredible experience! Whilst we fully understand that we all need to work during the day, we have many great ideas for activities in the evenings and on the weekends.

We want to make sure that you fall in love with Cyprus in the same way we have, and leave with new memories and friends!
A beachfront villa with stunning sunset views, a pool overlooking the sea, a lush garden, spacious shared rooms with ensuite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor workspaces, BBQ area, a fireplace, and excellent WiFi.

Local planned trip
Two years ago, we moved to Cyprus, and since then, we've been on a delightful journey exploring every corner of this beautiful island. We can't wait to share the best spots with you, so you can experience the magic and wonder that Cyprus has to offer firsthand.

Selected group
Establishing a safe and comfortable environment for all our trip mates is very important for us! We'll thoughtfully select the perfect tribe to ensure the best vibe, followed by a video call for introductions, and a WhatsApp group for all your travel buddies.

Unique experience
Our mission is to craft one-of-a-kind experiences, forge lifelong friendships, and create cherished memories as we explore this stunning island, now our beloved home!
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Clive & Aura
Mobile: +35 795198238