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Who are Izabella & Sunny?
Hola amigos! We are travel enthusiasts, digital workers, and freelancers, walking with confidence in the direction of our dreams and living the life we have imagined.
Digital creator & passionate Super-Adventurer

Hello friends! My name is Izabella, but my friends call me Iza or in Spanish “Ysabel”.

I’m a passionate Super-Adventurer, trips are part of my life that make me so happy. I like to travel, to go to places where I have never been before, to spend a lot of time in nature, and to protect it as best I can. I love photography, doing yoga, meditation, dancing, and being everywhere.

In 2017, I created a Travel & Spiritual Blog from scratch and decided to travel the world and get paid for it. Be Free Be Zen is based on Living a Life in Freedom and Harmony. In 2018, I quit work from 9 to 5 and started the digital nomad lifestyle that opened my doors to see the world and allowed me to focus on my career aspirations, network, and meet like-minded individuals that inspired me.
I like to be the one who sets the tone for a destination because I have the curiosity to read and discover the places off the beaten track, then to tell and write about them with a sickening enthusiasm. I have some great love: different cultures, history, people’s stories, and adventures. After all, what I do on a trip is the reflection in the mirror of what I do day by day: looking for new things, discovering, and enjoying every experience.

As a person born and raised in Europe, I could say I was lucky to be so close to all major tourist attractions. I have visited more than 30 countries so far. As a Tourism Specialist and Travel Blogger, I like to tell you about the places and tourist attractions I’ve visited to give you an idea of what to expect on your next trip and help you with any issues before, during, and after the trip.

Travel enthusiast, freelancer and adventurer

Hi, my name is Sunny, and I bring sunny days and brightness to your trip. I am a travel enthusiast, freelancer, and adventurer.
I have a positive, winning attitude that I like to spread to the people around me, always with good vibes and engaging conversations, sharing ideas, exchanging perspectives, or just keeping it light and maybe talking about new projects, goals, and aspirations.

Our Story

We met in a Travel Club Community and we still love to travel and work together around the world. We have a lot of beautiful memories gathered from amazing trips around Europe. We aim to create for you unforgettable experiences that allow you to make long-lasting connections, explore new locations, and align with your needs.

We are all different, but our like-mindedness brings us together, and that’s why we have different types of trips.

Whether you just want a short adventure trip with other nomads or want to settle into a beautiful location and explore for 2 weeks, seeing the main sights with your new nomads that could be your friends for life, taking part in different activities, doing skill shares, and getting some work done, we've got you covered.

Why Travel with Us?
We want You to travel with Us at the speed of adventure and relaxation. Let us help you find your best place to work remotely for a couple of weeks and to make unforgivable memories with our community of co-workers.

Do you let Us do this? Think Big. Everything is possible!

Then, LET’S START. Be FREE to Travel Around the World with Us and Be Zen!
We organize for you the best accommodation with all you need: the fastest internet, an outdoor area with a pool and green around you with an amazing view so a place where you can work and relax.
Local planned trip
We lived in Spain for a while; Iza visited Mallorca and Tenerife multiple times, and we can show you the hidden gems of this beautiful country. It will be a completely unique experience.

Selected group
For us, it's important that you feel comfortable and safe during your stay. Our aim is to bring other
co-workers together and build a harmonious group.
Unique experience
Our main goal is to create an unforgettable experience for you and all our tripmates.
We want to meet people from all over the world and enjoy our time together. Adventure is waiting for you!
Feel free to contact us!
Izabella & Sunny
Phone: +44 7436 374383
Email: happycotravel@gmail.com