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The world and the people await…
Work-Life Balance

By combining work and travel, you can achieve a harmonious work-life balance, indulging in exploration and adventure while still fulfilling your professional commitments.

Flexibility and Freedom

Coworking trips offer the flexibility to customize your schedule to maximize your enjoyment of each destination.

Cultural Immersion

Experiencing different cultures and destinations enriches your perspective, encourages personal growth, and sparks fresh ideas that can be applied to your work.

Memorable Experiences
You will meet like-minded individuals, create memories and unforgettable moments.

About Me

Meet Luana, the vibrant force behind our extraordinary coworking adventures.

I am from Brazil , specifically from a state called Ceara. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.

As a software developer by trade, I combine my passion for technology with an insatiable curiosity for exploration and a genuine love for connecting with others.

I am a social butterfly with an adventurous spirit and like to explore the blend of professionalism and fun.

I started my love for travel when I was very young, but I didn’t really start to fulfill my passion until I was older and had a job to finance all my trips and then, being fully remote was the cherry I needed at the top of my cake to explore even more!

When not immersed in the world of coding, you'll find me conquering breathtaking hiking trails, igniting the night at music festivals, and shaking up the dance floor. Or in a Karaoke bar 😛
I also enjoy the outdoors, game nights and playing volleyball.

I recognize the importance of balance. As your trusted guide, I am committed to curating an exceptional coworking experience where work and fun intertwine.
I am ready to create meaningful connections, endless opportunities for growth and to meet AMAZING people.

Why Travel with Me?

The world is waiting for you and your dreams are following you!

There will be a spacious place with a great location to allow walking to many places! Great WIFI connection around the whole place, big shared rooms, lots of space for working and everything we need to enjoy ourselves.
Local planned trip
We will explore many of the tourist spots that you have always seen on the tv/internet and will explore beyond what you have seen out there.

Selected group
We will be in a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who would like to join. I am personally interviewing like-minded people that will be part of this unforgettable experience.
Unique experience
You will be part of eight to twelve "strangers" from all over the world who connect perfectly and want to enjoy every day to the fullest.
Together, let's unlock the magic of coworking while embracing the joy of adventure.

Feel free to contact me!
Luana Fernandes
Phone/Whatsapp: +1 202-550-0950