Marcela Variani & Soulful Journeys

Discover the perfect balance between productivity and personal growth on our Soulful Journeys coworking trips.
Travel far, travel wide, travel deep. Find your true self in the journey.
Grow roots!
Find more purpose in your work while creating lasting, meaningful connections. Grounding is the base for consistent productivity. When you have a “why” you can overcome any “how”.
Spread wings!

Embrace every step of your journey; you can be your own greatest supporter or toughest critic. “Pies para qué os quiero, si tengo alas para volar.”

Let the journey transform you through meaningful experiences with like-minded people, guided by an experienced facilitator ready to inspire and ignite your inner sparkle!
Who's Marcela Variani?
Hi! I'm Marcela Variani, a holistic coach and avid traveler who believes the world is the greatest classroom. Over the past years, I've passionately facilitated workshops that blend spirituality, art, and self-awareness, using a mix of techniques to inspire deeper spiritual journeys. This eclectic approach has enriched my own path, and now I’m thrilled to combine it with my love for travel in my new project, Soulful Journeys.
Through Soulful Journeys, I create immersive coworking trips designed to nurture personal growth and forge deep connections with like-minded souls. These transformative workshops blend personal growth, healing, and self-discovery with the perfect mix of work, self-work, and vacation. Through Mindfulness, Breathwork, Therapeutic Theater, and Active Meditation, I craft unique opportunities for personal development and lasting memories.
Join me to explore top-quality locations, build lifelong friendships, and let the magic of travel enrich your journey long after it ends.
Being born in Brazil, and having Italian ancestry, I've always felt a magnetic pull towards discovery, seeking a sense of belonging that transcended my borders — I wanted to find what it means to “feel at home” and traveling I understood that home is where my heart is. Three enriching years in Rome and four transformative years in Barcelona, especially amidst the challenges of the Covid era, sculpted my perspective. These experiences fostered a deep connection with art, expression, personal development, and self-awareness. It was within this rich mix of experiences that the vision for Soulful Journeys emerged—a fusion of teaching, travel, and personal growth, setting the stage for a new chapter of exploration for all who join these travels.
On my coworking trips, at Soulful Journeys, my philosophy is grounded in the belief that travel is an opportunity for profound personal growth and self-discovery. I offer a unique blend of workshops focused on nurturing the soul, facilitating healing, and igniting transformation. Through Mindfulness, Breathwork, and Active Meditation, my coworking trips seamlessly integrate work, vacation, and personal development, ensuring each journey is a soul-stirring experience. Committed to delivering unparalleled quality in locations and experiences, I aspire to cultivate lifelong friendships and lasting connections that transcend time and place.
Why Travel with Me?
Traveling with me means embarking on a journey that goes beyond sightseeing. It's about personal growth, deep connections, and transformative experiences. Here's what you can expect:
Stay in top-quality, hand-picked locations that provide comfort, inspiration, and a perfect environment for both relaxation and productivity.
Join a vibrant, like-minded community where you'll forge lifelong friendships and meaningful connections with fellow travelers.
A Soulful Journey
Engage in immersive workshops that blend Mindfulness, Breathwork, Therapeutic Theater, and Active Meditations, designed to nurture your soul and ignite personal transformation.
Enjoy the perfect balance of work and self-work with coworking trips that offer productive spaces and schedules, ensuring you stay connected and efficient while exploring the world.
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Marcela Variani