Mica Valle
A free-spirited adventure girl with a heart of gold, passionate about traveling and embracing the joy of life by loving good company and creating unforgettable memories out of every moment.
The beauty of travel is not just in the places you see, but in the friends you make along the way.
Discover the world while working remotely
Join one of my coworking trips to seamlessly blend work and travel. With a flexible itinerary, you can boost your productivity while exploring exciting new destinations.
As a group, we'll share valuable insights and experiences, forging lasting connections and fostering mutual growth.
Dive into local culture

Experience the richness of foreign cultures by immersing yourself fully. Taste delicious local cuisine, connect with residents, and engage in authentic activities. Together, we'll craft unforgettable moments that go beyond the ordinary tourist experience.

Join a thriving community
These trips are about more than just shared time—they're about building lasting relationships. Become part of a supportive community where you'll form deep friendships and engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals. Here, you'll find encouragement, inspiration, and a true sense of belonging.
Who's Mica?
Hey, my name is Mica and I'm a free-spirited adventurer-girl from Austria whose passion for travel was ignited by a solo backpacking trip through Chile and Argentina in 2014.
This journey set my heart on fire for exploring new places and cultures, and since then, I've embraced the joy of traveling until becoming in 2022 a digital nomad, with beautiful Valencia in Spain as my home base. The Spanish and Latin American cultures have always exerted a profound and enchanting fascination on me, captivating my heart and imagination with their rich traditions, vibrant histories, and passionate spirit. Immersing myself in new environments and sharing these experiences with others through my travel blog brings me immense joy.
My Travel Journey
My travels have taken me across the globe, from living in the beautiful wilderness of Patagonia in Chile to a 10-month backpacking adventure through South America, where I delved deep into local cultures through Couchsurfing. In spring 2024, I explored three months Andalusia and Portugal in my van, combining working remotely and exploring simultaneously. This journey allowed me to lead a very free lifestyle, following the impulses of my heart and experiencing life on my own terms.
My Philosophy
I believe in the power of spontaneity and the beauty of connecting with new cultures. My trips are meticulously planned yet flexible, allowing for group interests and desires to shape the experience. I strive to create environments where like-minded individuals can come together, share ideas, and build lasting friendships. By transforming everyday moments into unforgettable memories, these trips spark curiosity, inspire deep, meaningful connections and life is lived to the fullest.
Why join my trips?
We want to create an environment where we are going to balance our work schedule while still be able to live amazing adventures.
Authentic Local Experience
Stay in accommodations that reflect the unique charm of each region. Enjoy thoughtfully planned local trips and deep cultural dives that allow you to truly connect with the place and its people.
Harmonious Groups
Join a carefully selected, harmonious group of like-minded individuals. Our expertise ensures a balanced experience that enhances productivity and fosters professional growth in a supportive environment.
Vibrant Community Life
Experience a strong sense of community, enjoying leisure activities and building friendships. Spend quality time together, relax, and create unforgettable moments with others who share your passions.
Personalized Adventures
Benefit from flexible itineraries tailored to the group's preferences. Enjoy local insights and spontaneous adventures, ensuring a unique and personalized travel experience.
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Mica Valle