Make your working life more human and be part of my coworking family
‘Traveling is the only thing that you buy and makes you more rich’
Enjoying The Outdoors
After work, it’s good to completely disconnect and get moving in the beautiful peaceful nature.
Coliving Family

It’s not just sharing a house together but also sharing the things we love in life and building new friendships.

Relax, Food & Drinks
Enjoy time together and have good conversations while trying all kinds of delicious local food and drinks.
Who is Myrthe?
Hola! My name is Myrthe and I’m one of the Dutchies who lives in Malaga now. My first time in Malaga was a few years ago while traveling through the South of Europe. Since the moment I arrived in this city, I immediately felt the good vibes. There were all kinds of activities I could join and meeting people was easy that way. Malaga is internationally oriented but luckily also retained its Spanish charms. Besides enjoying the vibrant city, I can be found on the beach or in the nearby mountains. All this made my decision to move to Malaga quite simple.
At the moment I live in Malaga and I work from home in customer service. Before in the Netherlands, I worked as a project manager. I have led many different kinds of events. Organizing is something that comes naturally to me and it gives me lots of energy when I can help others and make them happy.

Since my move to Malaga, I don't work anymore as a project manager but I still like to organize small social gatherings for fun and to meet new people.

For me, traveling solo really changed my life. After I finished my studies I was ready to start working and my dream was to build a successful career. I enjoyed working hard and achieved the goals I set for myself faster than expected. For that reason, I thought it was time to treat myself to a beautiful trip to South Africa. Since I was traveling alone I thought that it would be better to book a hostel and combine it with some volunteer work. I ended up in a very basic hostel with a few hippies and poor locals. At first, I thought about what I got myself into, but I wanted to give it a chance and did my best to get to know everyone. That led to many interesting conversations about what is really important in life and what makes you happy. I found it interesting that they were truly happy with little and that happiness can be found in the little things. That made me realize that building a career wasn’t going to be my life goal anymore. Long story short, after that trip many trips followed and it made me very happy to discover the world, explore new cultures and make friends from all over the world.
I’m that girl who loves to get a little bit of everything but also tries to get the most out of it! For me a good trip consists of work & fun, relaxing & exploring, nature & city and of course having funny & serious conversations.

I will combine my organizational skills and travel experience so I can assure you that this trip will be a nice mix of activities to get to know the area but also get to know each other in different ways.

Reasons To Join My Trips.
I want to make your work life more personal by creating an environment where we all can share our life stories and be a source of inspiration for each other. For me it’s all about changing your ordinary life into an extraordinary life!
When I choose a villa for us, I check, among other things, whether there are comfortable shared workspaces with good WIFI, whether there is a large terrace outside to hang out, and of course whether the city center and airport are easily accessible.
Local planned trip
I have made many trips around the world on my own. I know how to quickly familiarize myself with new places, find the best places to visit, and make new friends!
Selected group
My wish for this trip is to make our group a family even though we meet as strangers. There will be a good positive vibe so everyone should feel comfortable to be themselves. Before the trip, I will have a video call with each one of you and there will also be a WhatsApp group with all of the travel buddies.
Unique experience
This trip will be all about spending time together and creating unforgettable memories! We will work, but we are also going to climb a mountain with a beautiful view, do some water activities, walk around the city and enjoy delicious tapas to get our energy levels back up.
Feel free to contact with me!
Phone: +31 681061234