Petar Stanojlovic

Experience an exceptional adventure with me, work remotely while exploring breathtaking destinations, and surround yourself with driven individuals who understand the true meaning of happiness.

Discover the world together, endless adventures await.

The work environment you dreamed about
You'll feel a peaceful atmosphere in a comfy and well-equipped accommodation with a strong internet connection, and have the chance to work with friendly people who share similar interests. Plus, you can explore the local sights and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture during your downtime.
Remote work oasis

After you have freed yourself from the usual work with working hours in the office, now you can have extra fun working remotely while exploring other countries. What's more, we plan a trip for you.

The beauty of networking
Networking while working and traveling cultivates a diverse and international professional network. Engaging with individuals from various cultural backgrounds and industries fosters a remarkable exchange of ideas, perspectives, and expertise.
Who’s Petar?
I am a well-traveled person from Montenegro, having studied and worked in various countries for a decade, such as Greece, the USA, Serbia, Brazil, and China... As a professional tour guide, I bring my experiences and knowledge to create memorable and insightful journeys for other travel buddies.
It all began when I was just six years old, embarking on a journey in both sports and travel. At that young age, I found joy in challenging myself, improving my skills, and embracing competition. This passion would shape my future.

When I reached the milestone of twenty, I realized that there was so much more to discover beyond the confines of the sporting arena. Eager to broaden my horizons, I immersed myself in a world of education, combining my thirst for knowledge with opportunities to work and travel simultaneously. This harmonious blend allowed me to not only accumulate a wealth of academic achievements but also gain valuable insights from diverse cultures and landscapes across the globe.

Now, as a professional tour guide, I have the privilege of sharing captivating stories and revealing hidden gems to fellow wanderers. Yet, I am committed to sharing my passion for culture through my two organizations: one devoted to hosting captivating cultural events, and another dedicated to fostering ecology and environmental protection.
Why stick with me?
I embark on each new day with excitement, eager to make a positive impact and inspire others to join me on this remarkable journey of work, exploration, and enlightenment.

Still, doubting? Please feel free to contact me.
Cozy Accommodation

Imagine yourself in a delightful setting with top-notch amenities, lightning-fast internet, a serene garden for tranquility, and dedicated spaces for work and relaxation. Join us in celebrating the beauty of life in an environment designed to exceed your expectations.

Positive workplace

A positive workplace allows you to thrive, and boost your motivation, productivity, and overall well-being.


I create a community of individuals who share a common interest, cultivating an uplifting environment where everyone can connect, collaborate, foster personal development, and make friends for life

One-of-a-kind adventure

On each of my travel adventures, I have made new friends with whom I keep in touch and meet again and again. I gained unforgettable experiences and pictures that I will remember for a lifetime.
I want it to be the same for you on your travels with me!

Feel free to contact me!
Petar Stanojlovic

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