Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.

-Matthew Karsten-

Discover new places while working remotely
With flexible itineraries on coworking trips, you can combine work and travel, exploring fascinating new places together. Strive for balance between your business and personal life.
Dive into local cultures

The best thing about being abroad is to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Let’s try together tasty typical food, meet local people, and do some native stuff. This will be unforgettable.

Collect unforgettable memories
Escape the ordinary and embark on weeks of new adventures, meeting open-minded people, make friendships, and experiencing personal growth. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.
About me

Hi everyone, I’m Reka, a cheerful Hungarian girl – and this is a short story about my “sometimes chaotic” life. For about 20 years, my life revolved around Austria and then I spent a short period in Germany - working in the tourism and hospitality sector. However, I always knew deep down that I wanted something different. I tried various things and had numerous jobs, but I never truly found myself or experienced genuine happiness or a sense of belonging. After a few challenging years, I finally found my own path in 2022 and completely transformed my whole life. I have gathered courage and I started my own online business, which turned out to be a fortunate decision

. It has been so successful, that I was able to quit my job in October 2022. At the same time, I said goodbye to my ordinary and secure life. Within a month I sold everything I owned, and I gave up my apartment. Without a really good plan, I started my journey as a digital nomad. Over the past months, I’ve learned a lot, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. This newfound freedom can be intimidating at times, emotionally akin to a roller coaster ride, but this is the best way to get to know yourself, understand your own life, grow, and find inner balance.
I am happy to meet other like-minded people, explore new horizons, and generate fresh ideas for my business. Honesty, respect, and authenticity are deeply important to me. I am glad, if you are interested to know more about me, my journey, and about future trips. I am happy to share further details with you, and I hope to see you on a trip with me.
Why Travel with me?
Currently, I am based in Morocco, a country I have fallen in love with. I cannot tell how long I will stay here, but I would love to share my experiences in this beautiful country, showcasing the authentic life beyond the typical commercial touristic activities. Connecting with local people and making special trips together would be a fantastic way to explore new places. Take awesome memories with you, which fill up your heart with happiness for a very long time! My goal is, to find the perfect work-life balance while you travel and make wonderful new friendships.

Your cozy accommodation will be customized to your needs as a digital nomad. It will provide fast and reliable WIFI, comfortable beds and private spaces as well as coworking and relaxing places.

Local planned trip

I show you around the best local places to make it an unforgettable cultural experience. Visit historical buildings, discover hidden spots, taste traditional food and drinks, and even learn to cook how locals do.

Selected group

For me it is important that you feel comfortable and safe during your stay. My aim is to bring mind-liked people together and build a harmonizing group. To ensure that, we will have private chats and

Unique experience

Let’s create amazing memories together! It’s more than just coworking – it’s about having a great time, meeting stunning people, learning new things, making friends and: be YOU enjoying every second of your amazing life!

Feel free to contact me!
Réka Szabo
Mobile: +43 660 862 5171