Join our co-working experience with like minded people and create
long life relationships.
Every experience is beautiful, especially when shared
Work & Travel from Anywhere 🌍
Do you work remotely?!
What's better than traveling in the meantime and making the most of every single day with a group of professionals ?!
Life is today!
Flexible Itinerary

We know all the best spots of our destinations but our plans are

super flexible. We are going to decide together our next move!

Lifelong Friendships
If your will is to expand your worldwide network a create new mindful connections, this is the right experience for you.
Who are Remy & Giorgia?
Hola! We are caring, open minded, easy going digital workers and friends looking to share new experiences with travellers like you from all over the world.
Spanish-Canadian adventurer and entrepreneur
Hi! It's Remy and after living and working in my homeland I decided to reconnect with my Spanish roots in Malaga, where my grandmother lives and is from. I used to travel to Spain during my childhood, until I decided to move to Malaga few years ago.
Malaga is a beautiful city to explore. With a long history, and so so much to see this city and its inhabitants has stolen my heart.

Exploring the world and its features it's an important part of my life, I'm constantly discovering and learning more thanks to each step I take, knowing that every opportunity and experience has something to teach me.

I have a positive actitude and I want to share good vibes with the people around me. I am always in to have a good conversation, share ideas, different perspectives or just keep it light and maybe talk about new projects, goals and aspirations, past and/or future!

Italian graphic designer and tattoo artist
During my last year of university I spent my Erasmus+ semester here in Malaga, where I discovered my passion for the new, for the different languages and cultures the world can offer us.
I continued studying abroad, then the pandemic started and I felt stuck in a direction that I didn't feel was right for me.
So I decided to go left.

I always loved to draw and paint, so I started shaping my designer skills and exploring new forms of art, such as tattooing. I dream to be able to travel and discover new people and places, while tattooing and designing full time!

I'm also a proud Italian from Rome, I love cooking and sharing delicious and homemade food with my friends, I enjoy outdoor activities and relaxing at the beach with a drink, I'm always down for trying anything new!
Long-life friendship
We met when we first moved to Malaga and since then we've been sharing friends, experiences, music, laughs and jokes! (and a big apartment with others international people ;) )

We've been inspiring each other and wanted to create our small project, based on what we love the most: living each moment to the fullest, meeting new like-minded people, and exploring the world. Take the leap and join us in this incredible adventure!
Why staying with us?
We want to create an environment where we are going to balance our work schedule while still be able to live amazing adventures.
We booked an entire villa right next to the city center! Great WIFI connection around the whole place, big shared rooms, lot of space for working, a terrace and a basement, everything we need to enjoy ourselves.
Local planned trip
We lived in Malaga for a while and we can show you all the best and secret spots this city has to offer! Every day is going to be a different experience.
Selected group
We care about creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who's going to join. This is why we are going to arrange a video call to get to know each others first, and a WhatsApp group to meet your travel buddies.
Unique experience
The biggest goal is to give unforgettable memories. Eight to twelve "strangers" from all over the world who connect perfectly and want to enjoy every day to the fullest.
That's a Co-Working trip with us!
Feel free to contact us!
Remy Di Febo
Giorgia Vecchia
Phone: +34 600654978
+34 634236539