Valentina Lorusso
Hi! I’m Val, a tour leader from Italy who loves meeting new people, and sharing long-lasting memories and experiences!
From strangers to friends … connecting, inspiring, sharing a part of our lives together while growing and exploring the world.
Join me for a unique trip, balancing out work and life experiences, making the most out of our hosting home without missing out on our work duties, and getting deep into ourselves through an introspective analysis of our paths.

If you are a nature lover, you are in the right place. On our free time, we will have plenty to discover together, plunged in the local, surrounding nature.

I am a foodie, no point in hiding that out! I will share my Italian family’s recipes with you, as long as you share yours with me and the group!
Who's Valentina?
Ciao everyone! I’m Valentina, but you can call me Val - easy and short, like me! But hey, they say great things come in small packages, no?!
I am a full-time tour leader from Italy, so basically I meet people and travel with them for a living … I know, such a bad life, eh?
Together we will find ourselves surrounded by peaceful places to discover nature, we will share our stories around the kitchen table, we will get to know each other through deep talks and we will create bonds and life-long connections with an introspective dive through a deep analysis on ourselves.
I have worked in the tourism business my whole life: my family has been running a restaurant with rooms for over 40 years, so I began my “career” at 14 helping them out. I was such a shy, introverted girl back then, but being thrown in the lions’ den in the restaurant actually helped me come out of my shell and I slowly became the person I am now: outgoing, positive, radiant, smiley, sharp, funny!

With the other jobs I did in tourism, I learned the fine art of welcoming people, creating personalized trips for them, and taking them around the world.
What does that mean, to me, though? It means that I am able to explore and share my curiosity, and my dream of discovering new traditions and cultures with like-minded people who are also on the same page as me: respecting the country we are visiting and each other, understanding the locals, learning new and exciting parts of history, and so much more.

I am a very organized person, and I will guide you through places I have been to but I can proudly say I can do the same also in places I have never been to - I love learning more and more about new people and sharing it with my fellow travelers is one of the biggest passions I have.

To me, being organized also means being able to be flexible and give the chance to my fellow travelers to enjoy their time on our trip - expect a great deal of organizing but also feel free to discuss options to make our stay and experiences unforgettable.
Why staying with me?
We want to create an environment where we are going to balance our work schedule while still be able to live amazing adventures.
The places I will choose to live in for our trips will all be comfortably positioned, near nature and the main attractions of the destination, they will have a great wifi connection and proper amenities with a place for working, being together, and enjoying ourselves.
I will create an itinerary for us to discover the destination during our free time, but we will discuss any details together to make the most out of it.
Our group will be chosen very thoroughly in order to have the same, like-minded travelers with whom we’ll share unique experiences that will be cherished forever.
My goal for our co-working trips is to find the perfect balance between unforgettable and introspective life experiences and work so that each of us can live this moment to its fullest.
Feel free to contact me!
Valentina Lorusso